As an active member of the XyUser Group, you receive automatic enrollment in the XyUser Group listserv mailing list. Any staff member in your company may request a subscription to the listserv.
Please send a complete email address and the name of each person you wish subscribed to the list to Chris Leggett, President, at

We ask that any emails posted to the group be SDL-related and that your return email address clearly indicates which company you are with, as we do not accept requests from other email providers.

Once you are subscribed to the list, you may send emails to the group at

Each new subscriber should set up a password for access to the archives. You can create a password at:

We currently have more than 10,000 archived messages dating back to 1996. These are fully searchable and provide an invaluable source of information. Subscribers can access the archives for XYUSER at:

Note that you must have a password to access the archives.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form.