This site has been developed as a guide to existing XyUser Group members, and as a tool for non-members to find out more about the Group. We believe you’ll find the information here to be very useful, as it offers a comprehensive reference to all the Group has to offer. For additional information please use the contact form.

What is the XyUser Group?

Since its inception in 1990, the goal of the XyUser Group has been to provide communication, networking and educational services to users of SDL Structured Content Technologies (SDL SCT) products around the world. The Group consists of a volunteer board of directors that represents several markets, geographic regions, and SDL SCT products; and advisory committees comprised of volunteer members.

The objective of the XyUser Group is to remain autonomous from SDL SCT while at the same time sustaining a relationship based on openness and cooperation. SDL SCT supports us in this endeavor.

Who is the XyUser Group?

Today, the XyUser Group includes member companies throughout the world. These members represent some of the world’s most distinguished corporations, publishers, and printers in the world — with countless years of publishing, printing and production experience.

XyUser Group Charter

We will be a positive force for enhancing the productivity and usefulness of SDL SCT and related systems. Our relationship with SDL SCT and other vendors will always be open and collaborative, and will be founded on the principle of true partnership.

Why You Should Join

We realize that many of the users of SDL SCT solutions have distinct needs because of different products, markets, and geographic locations. However, there are far more areas where the needs of SDL SCT system users come together. As a result, through our membership we are able to present a strong and unified voice to influence product direction and policy to SDL SCT. In addition, XyUser Group membership gives you access to other users — people who have encountered and perhaps resolved problems you may be experiencing. Membership also gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of SDL SCT products and offers a forum to help you use your systems more productively.

For More Information
If you would like more information about the XyUser Group, please use the contact page.