The XyUser Group currently has three active committees which are described below.

Strategic Planning Committee

Bart Terryn and Charles Dombek, Co-Chairpersons.

The Strategic Planning Committee meets annually with representatives from SDL Structured Content Technology (SDL SCT) to learn more about the direction the company is headed, and to present its concerns and comments and suggestions to the Management team.

The SPC Charter: To support and augment the charter and mission statement of the XyUser Group by serving as a focus group assessing and representing the needs of our user members regarding SDL SCT product direction, creation and/or vended by SDL SCT ensuring that SDL SCT is continually abreast of user needs and priorities relative to products and features.

SPC Mission Statement: To encourage and direct SDL SCT to develop new/enhanced applications and products based on input from the marketplace and the committee, and to be a conduit for SDL SCT to test market direction, need and/or acceptance of new products.

Bylaws Committee

Lawrence Porter, Chairperson
The Bylaws Committee reviews the XyUser Group Bylaws on an annual basis and make recommendations to update them according to the needs and complexion of our membership.

Web Site Committee

The Web Site committee works actively to bring members an up-to-date web site. This current site is the result of these efforts, with plans being made to continue to update and enhance the site to meet our members needs.