Please note that the Wish Lists below, for Contenta and XPP, are confidential and are covered under the NDAs and license agreements that XDL XySoft have in place with their customers. These should not be posted or printed or distributed in any manner unless this confidentiality can be ensured.

Title Author Subject
Intro to Java Harvey Greenberg
Contenta 4.x Upgrade Strategies Carol Bumbaca
Contenta Case Study Kenneth Waringa
Contenta DITA Case Study Sarahjane Clark
Contenta DITA Update Sarahjane Clark and Jon Parsons
Contenta Schema API Harvey Greenberg
S1000D 4.0 Adoption Andrew Trese
SDL Contenta Administration Steve Moldenhauer
Contenta Wish List 2009 Jennifer Goodman, Jon Parsons
An Agile Process Cynthia Monahan
Putting Project Management to Work for You Steve Moldenhauer
Virtualization Chuck Dombek
Moving To XML Moving to XML in XPP
XML Standards Update Jonathan Parsons
CALS Tables and Breaking Table Rows Chris Leggett
CITI Jaye Mize and Paul Cederborg
CALS Eniro Case Study Mark Hutchinson
Font Management Laurie Hagar
XPP Frills Processing (with XyPerl) Bart Terryn
Frills Processing (Classic Method) Josh Faigen
Highly Effective Development Practices John Hoffman
XPP Macros Joshua Faigen
Transformation Methodologies Chuck Dombek
MS Word to XPP and Back Again Chris Leggett and Bart Terryn
XPP: Work Smarter, Not Harder Laurie Hagar
Xpath Bart Terryn
XPP 8.2 Features – Under the Hood Steve Piercey
XPP Product Update Jonathan Parsons
XPP Wish List 2009 Jennifer Goodman, Jon Parsons
Xyperl Bart Terryn