How to Join

It is very easy to join the XyUser Group! If you are a user of SDL Structured Content Technology products, just click on the link below. Print the application and fax it to Chris Leggett, President, at +44 1737 223379 (a UK number). We will process your membership immediately and send you a complete package of information that outlines your membership benefits.

Dues Structure

The dues structure for membership in the XyUser Group is agreed by the XyUser Board annually. If you have any questions about the dues please feel free to contact us using the contact page.

Membership Directory

It has been, and continues to be, the policy set by the Board of Directors of the XyUser Group to maintain the directory of members privately, rather than make it public. If any member wishes to do a mailing to the member companies, a request must be made to the Board who will in turn receive the materials and provide labels and mail each piece. The only cost to the member will be for the postage required and any supplies purchased by the Board.

Class I Members – Corporate Members

Corporate membership includes end user members who are licensed users of one or more SDL Structured Content Technologies products directly in support of their company’s publishing and/or document and information management activities. Corporate membership includes the benefits listed below.

  • Corporate access to XYUG listserv, including archived messages from 1996.

  • Corporate individuals have access to passwords for web site

  • Annual conference discount (amount varies per year)

  • Access to all conference materials if unable to attend

  • One copy of User Assist Guide

Class II Members – Consultant and Vendor Members

Class II membership includes the following.

  • Access to XYUG listserv
  • Access to the web site

Board of Directors

If you are interested in becoming a member of the XYUG Board of Directors we encourage you to contact the XyUser Group Executive Director, Joshua Faigen via the contact form.