XyUser group – for users of SDL XPP, Contenta and LiveContent

Our Goal

Since its inception in 1990, the goal of the XyUser Group has been to provide communication, networking and educational services to users of SDL XPP, Contenta, and LiveContent products around the world. The Group consists of a volunteer board of directors and advisory committees that represent several markets and geographic regions.
The objective of the XyUser Group is to remain autonomous from SDL while at the same time sustaining a relationship based on openness and cooperation. SDL supports us in this endeavor.

Who is the XyUser Group?

Today, the XyUser Group community includes companies representing some of the world’s most distinguished corporations, publishers, and printers—with countless years of publishing, printing and production experience. The Group also supports and maintains the XyUser Community website allowing all users of XPP, Contenta and LIveContent to share information and pose technical questions and be assured of prompt and lively responses from other members across the community spectrum… many times the only place such assistance is available.