CSS Mini Clinic
In this hands-on miniclinic, we will cover concepts, syntax, best practices and tips for developing XPP styles using the CSS tool. Topics include tag selectors, pseudo-elements, structural pseudo-classes, attribute testing, CSS and XPP-custom properties, and paged media. After taking this miniclinic, you should feel comfortable writing XPP CSS stylesheets.

Building XPP Power Tools with Perl (mini clinic)
This is a hands-on miniclinic.
We will first explore all the different areas in XPP where you can add your own tools and what is the environment in which your tool would run.
We will first built an XPP perl based transformation tool starting from a template perl skeleton file.
Then we will build our own division tool using 2 pre built modules: a gui module that will draw the window that the user of the tool will be interacting with and a second xpp module that will unify the way in which XPP commands are called.
After this session you will have everything you need to quickly build solid tools yourself on top of the perl modules and templates that you are free to use in your own XPP environment.

Frills Processing/Special Effects Mini Clinic
We all use frill blocks. Some have prior experience with Frills Processing. In this mini-clinic we cover the basics of Frills Processing using XyPerl, but we also go deeper into some trickier problems that only Frills Processing can solve. This session has been presented many times before but this will be all new and focused on problems and solutions rather than a general “how-to Frills Process”. Intermediate to Advanced. Perl knowledge recommended.

XPP Product Update
This presentation will dive into the functionality added to XPP since the last XyUser Conference, what we are actively working on, and insight into the product roadmap.

FontoXML vendor presentation
While companies mostly have a well-defined interest to adopt structured content, enthusiasm from (occasional) contributors is not a given. User-adoption of structured content authoring is one of the major aspects of the change management needed.
“We make it easy for anyone to create, edit and review structured content” is our mission at Fonto. Jan Benedictus, CEO, will talk about the tools, lessons learned from customers and the future plans of Fonto to make structured content authoring main-stream.

Frills Processing – Beginner
Covering the basics of Frills Processing using XyPerl, and real-world examples of what can be achieved with Frills Processing particularly around tables.

So…I’m new to XPP
In this session we will take a look at our personal transition from our previous job to becoming an XPP developer. What were our thoughts, how were we feeling? We will also discuss the Item Format (IF), Macro (XX), page layout(PL) specs and how they relate to each other. The IF, XX, and PL specs play a critical role in formatting your document. We will discuss the parameters inside the IF and PL spec and review some basic macros and their syntax. By using these specs you can control a variety of factors such as, font, font size, indents, and space above and below an element. Macros are used to make local changes or exceptions to predefined formats as well as perform tests and calculations. We will discuss how these 3 specs relate to each other as one of the fundamental blocks of XPP style development.

Moving an application to the cloud
While not discussing XPP specifically, this session will cover the basic of “cloud” computing as well as go through some of the things to consider needed when thinking about moving an application to the “cloud”.

9.3 Hidden Gems
With 9.3 we can truly say that the CSS implementation in XPP has reached a mature state.
Some things are easy and straightforward but there are a few things that are a bit more challenging.
And this is where you want to learn the more hidden gems of CSS in XPP. During this session we will work our way through the things that are not that easy. So be prepared to receive a lot of in depth information on how things the right CSS way.

SDL Accessibility Solution
Are you challenged with achieving and maintaining accessible content? SDL understands this challenge. That is why we have created the SDL Accessibility Solution that combines our expert accessibility services with enabling technologies to deliver the assurance you need in achieving and maintaining compliance with global regulatory accessibility standards.

Macros – beginner (hands on)
This is a hands-on session that will cover the creation of simple XPP custom macros. Concepts and macro-language syntax will be stressed. We will talk about merge conditionals and the use of attribute and argument testing. Text, number and temporary registers will also be introduced. This session will give you a basic comfort level with building your first custom macros.

There’s an EQUATION in your text!
With an increasing number of publications that include equations, we needed to find an efficient solution to incorporate them into our workflow. So, should we use MathML? But what is LaTeX? And TeX? MathJax? And which solution meets accessibility requirements?

XPP Composition Variables
Otherwise known as system variables, these are actually XPP-specific variables that store information about what is taking place on a given line, block, page or division. This session will cover how and why you can use these variables to improve and/or streamline your styles and composition.

CSS Starter (hands on)
So you are eager to start with CSS or you just want to know how it feels?
Well then this is the session for you. Together we will set up your very first CSS job. Talking a little bit about the basics of CSS but more importantly implementing directly what we know into an XPP job.
No fancy stuff, but enough to give you a feel on how CSS inside XPP works.

Moving from IF to CSS User Experience
Thinking about moving from IF to CSS? Come listen to some people who have made the transition and get their thoughts about the experience. Good? Bad? Come find out. A portion of the session will be dedicated to open discussion and answering questions.

Finding and Fixing Composition Errors
Do you have lots of errors in your composition logs? Ever wonder what they mean and how to get rid of them? This session is for you! We will talk about what the messages mean and how to understand and fix the problems they refer to. If there are particular errors you see with your documents, please send them prior to the conference so they can be included in the list we cover.

Fonts in XPP (hands on)
XPP offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to fonts, along with complexity. BUT, what if you just want to add a new font, plain and simple? This session will offer a hands-on opportunity to install an Open Type font and use it in a division. And if you’re curious about that additional flexibility, we’ll talk about the options that are available.

PDF Roundtable
Roundtable discussion about all things associated with the PDF file specification. As users of XPP, all of us leverage PDF files to deliver content. This session will discuss the various options for creating PDF files: PostScript to PDF via Acrobat Distiller or GhostScript, SDL’s Direct to PDF XPP solution, or other means to create PDF files. When is one more appropriate than another? Does it even matter? Do you have experience having to manage multiple creation methods? Who has moved to the XPP Direct to PDF solution? Were there challenges? Things to be sure to check and consider? Have things like font integrity or overall quality ever been an issue in your experience? Lastly, as most files end up at a print vendor or published via web, what methods are you using to ensure the quality of your PDF files prior to client delivery? These and any other topics are fair game in this open ended discussion where everyone will be sure to gain knowledge and insight.

Contenta / S1000D Product Update
This presentation will cover the SDL Contenta, SDL Contenta S1000D, and SDL LiveContent S1000D products. We’ll dive into the functionality added since the last XyUser Conference and discuss what we’re actively working on. We’ll also solicit and discuss your feedback on our product roadmap.

Xychange (hands on)
Xychange is the XPP ASCII transformation tool. Its versatility and ability to handle increasingly complex tasks, as well as its ease-of-use, make it a valuable tool in your transformation pantry. This is a hands-on session that will cover Xychange syntax, basic match-and-replace rules, and wildcarding.

Emerging Trends – how will they impact your business?
Digital transformation and other technology advancements are impacting the nature of technical content and hold the promise to dramatically change how technical information is created, delivered and used.​ We’ll present trends that are having a direct impact on specific market segments that SDL serves and encourage participants to share their vision of emerging trends that may impact them.

Choosing the “correct” transformation tool
Yes, you probably still need to do transformations before the data can enter your XPP system. With XPP you have the choice between using Xychange, XSLT and Perl.
But which tool is the correct one for the task at hand?
During this session we will briefly present how each tool works and how the syntax looks. And we will go to the strong and weaker points of each of the tools. This will give you the proper knowledge to make the correct choice.

Direct to PDF Lib/Special Effects
No distiller required. Producing PDFs directly from XPP. Some say, the future of PDF production. A look at this v9 feature, its setup and its use.

SDL Portfolio Overview
Create, Translate and Deliver – SDL provides market leading solutions for the entire content supply chain. Join us to understand why 90 of the top 100 brands globally depend on SDL to enable continuous customer journeys across the globe.

XPP 9.4 CSS Features
XPP continues to move forward with CSS Styling. Come see the new CSS enhancements added for XPP 9.4.

XPP Wish List and Wishes Fulfilled
The XPP Wish List Session is both a venerable XyUser tradition and a direct communications channel to SDL and the XPP development and product management team. The requests raised here help shape the product roadmap for XPP. This year we’ll again be leveraging the XPP Ideas section of the SDL Community so we encourage you to enter your requests for feature enhancements there ahead of the conference. Share your insights into how XPP can better serve you.