2017 Fall Conference and Mini-clinics Schedule

Sunday Mini-Clinics

Font Management: Laurie Hagar & Stephen Davey • SDL
Hands on CSS: Bart Terryn • XP2
Frills Processing: Mark Hutchinson • Solidair

Monday Sessions

XyUser Group Update: XyUser Group President & Officers • XyUser Group
SDL Update: Jennifer Goodman & Frank Closset • SDL
XPP Update: Steve Piercey • SDL
Graphics Panel: Rudy Alvarez • Federal Reserve Board
History of Measurement: Cliff Parsons • LexisNexis
Spectacular Tables: Mark Hutchinson • Solidair
Command Line Utilities: Mark Hutchinson • Solidair
Starting a CSS Project in XPP: Josh Faigen • Typeczar
ETS Case Study: Dave Van Brunt & ETS Team • ETS

Tuesday Sessions

XPP Lingo: Chris Leggett • Letterpart
Producing Dynamic PDFs through XPP: Lisa Gillispie • Federal Reserve Board
Fun With Registers: Pattie Alsop • Tweddle
XPP Rest API: Bart • XP2
Tables: Deb Gallagan • Government Printing Office
Pagination Tries: Laurie Hagar • SDL
How to Create a PDF in XPP: Stephen Davey • SDL
XPP Compare: Tony Wilmot • SDL
S1000D Update: Jennifer Goodman • SDL
Online First – Case Study: Edoardo Morsi • STCC
XyMacros + IF Specs: Girish Jerath • ETS

Wednesday Sessions

Automating Book Production: Chris Leggett • Letterpart
Pick up My Pickup: Pattie Alsop • Tweddle
Knowledge Center: Frank Closset • SDL
Baby Perl – Moving Away from Macros: Bart • XP2
How I Did It in XPP: Stephen/Pattie/Laurie/ETS/Chris/Beverly (presented by a multi-site panel)
Section 508 Compliance: Tony Wilmot • SDL
XPP Under the Hood: Steve Piercey • SDL
Wish List: Steve Piercey & Jennifer Goodman • SDL